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Ethanol Extracted

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By using ethanol extraction we can target the specific compounds we wish to extract and leave behind all of the non-diserables. This allows for an ultra-pure crude oil with which we can begin our refinement processes.


Terpenes with the therapeutic effects of a 1:1 high cannabinoid oil guarantees a truly unique, enjoyable vaping experience.

300mg Disposable Vape Pen

It’s no fun when your disposable fails you. our disposables works great from beginning to end.

1000mg Distillate Glass Syringe

Our syringe can be used to top off a bowl of flower, dab, or lining a rolling paper for a tasty joint. Filling up vape cartridges is not recommended due to the viscosity! Metal tips not included.

500mg Refined Distillate Cartridge

The Javelina Cartridge is a revolutionary new vaporizer specifically created for concentrated oils.


Philosophy and
Mission Statement


Javelina Extracts

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality Cannabis concentrates and infused products on the market today. By utilizing one of the most effective extraction systems, we are able to insure quality and potency.

We take pride In working with the best local commercial growers to purchase only the finest material for our concentrates. Customer satisfaction is a matter of the utmost importance to our team.


We strive for world class customer service, the highest quality concentrates, and a reliable processing time.


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